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  • innovate

    rodney mullen

    to say rodney mullen has a place in any discussion of innovation is nothing new. what he brought to skateboarding is nothing short of mind-blowing. watching most skate contests or a good session in the park is inspiring; watching what this man does on a board is nearly unbelievable.

    ramiro vergaz

    i don’t know about juggling culture, but lindy-hop competitions i have some idea of. to blend historical jazz dance with juggling at a competition is nothing short of great. it may just open some ideas on what performance and musicality can be within Lindy-Hop culture.

    obsessive sketch

    this term, used by naoto fukasawa in “Objectified”, seems to have inspired people. a quick google search brings it up in a number of posts making reference to it. and it’s what he says following this term that really fits the bill: “By writing simply and only about what is there, the audience is drawn into the poet’s world. Their imagination is stimulated and a silent connection is established.” rather than covering up ideas that can terribly simple with show/performance/flash/whatever you want to call it, why not aim for authenticity and simplicity?