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  • beyond good design

    good design is a phrase that is already owned. good design gets awards. good design is functional. it's simplified and it seems to follow in a canon of design. 

    good design, however, does not seem to measure impact on environment, on people, on sustainability, or anything to do with ethics. in short, good design appears to reward how a short term solution fits in to what is known at the moment. if design as a profession continues to proclaim a purpose of solving problems, is there a benefit to focusing only on the short term problems? given the historic use of "good design" as a term, is there a way to reclaim it?

    i believe, for the moment at least, that good design can remain as is. award shows can continue to celebrate good design, as a reward for succesful visual, physical, and interative products. what i propose is we begin speaking of well designed, in a effort to reward the products and systems that move beyond the visual, instead focusing on ethics and environmental impact as a measure of success.