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  • always goes back to food...

    i started with food.

    before design, i had always worked in food. from serving, to line cook, to personal chef, it's always been food.

    it curses me sometimes. my wife prefers not to cook, thinking it will dissappoint me. no matter how often i say "just a bowl of cereal will do", it generally falls on me to produce breakfast and dinner for the family. and to be honest, i really enjoy cooking. when it comes to holidays, it's like a sport. what should i try this year? what has the family liked in the past?

    for me, food is one of the greatest gifts we have to offer. food is a gift of life. it is a reason to gather. it's where great conversations and arguments occur, and where we can all be equals.

    i've been sick the past 4 days, and kept two great shows running during the times i was awake:

    The Great British Baking Show

    Chef's Kitchen

    watching people who believe in themselves, who have a story to tell, and who are willing to fail when they love what they do... those are my inspiration.