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  • beyond good design

    good design is a phrase that is already owned. good design gets awards. good design is functional. it's simplified and it seems to follow in a canon of design. 

    good design, however, does not seem to measure impact on environment, on people, on sustainability, or anything to do with ethics. in short, good design appears to reward how a short term solution fits in to what is known at the moment. if design as a profession continues to proclaim a purpose of solving problems, is there a benefit to focusing only on the short term problems? given the historic use of "good design" as a term, is there a way to reclaim it?

    i believe, for the moment at least, that good design can remain as is. award shows can continue to celebrate good design, as a reward for succesful visual, physical, and interative products. what i propose is we begin speaking of well designed, in a effort to reward the products and systems that move beyond the visual, instead focusing on ethics and environmental impact as a measure of success. 

  • always goes back to food...

    i started with food.

    before design, i had always worked in food. from serving, to line cook, to personal chef, it's always been food.

    it curses me sometimes. my wife prefers not to cook, thinking it will dissappoint me. no matter how often i say "just a bowl of cereal will do", it generally falls on me to produce breakfast and dinner for the family. and to be honest, i really enjoy cooking. when it comes to holidays, it's like a sport. what should i try this year? what has the family liked in the past?

    for me, food is one of the greatest gifts we have to offer. food is a gift of life. it is a reason to gather. it's where great conversations and arguments occur, and where we can all be equals.

    i've been sick the past 4 days, and kept two great shows running during the times i was awake:

    The Great British Baking Show

    Chef's Kitchen

    watching people who believe in themselves, who have a story to tell, and who are willing to fail when they love what they do... those are my inspiration. 

  • just trying...

    charleston happened this weekend.

    i cried the night trump was elected, not for myself, but for my son. i held my hand on my son and cried, because i have to raise a boy who is young enough that everything is still new, but old enough to ask questions about what he hears. and he's only going to get older and i'm only going to have to help him understand there is hate in this world. it's a hate i don't understand. and i have to figure out how to help him understand it and to be better than it. and to not be consumed by it.

    charleston happened. i'm pretty sure it will happen again. definitions of safety, democracy, and liberty are being questioned and we have to figure out how to deal with it. it's going to suck. i would like to think everyone is trying to raise their son or daughter in the best world. and it's very clear we have many differing definitions of what's best. i have great friends who sit on either side of this conversation. i have family who sits on both sides of this conversation.

    nobody ever told me the moment i would hold my child, i would know the definition of fear. i didn't realize that fear would be due to the world around him.

    why do we kill rather than talk? why don't we at least listen to what the other side has to say? everyone has a truth. hate shoud not be one of those truths.