about me

about me

i am a father and a husband; an experience maker and designer; a student and a teacher.

i am inspired by watching my son discover & define the world.
i am inspired by learning how my wife works with those who learn differently.
i am inspired by the teams i work with today and the colleagues from my past.

i have trained in photography, printmaking, cooking, graphic design, snowboarding, cycling, and dance.
in each i have found the value of craft, the strength of collaboration, and the importance of building spaces for experience unit.

i believe we should be always working to new methods for sustainability. to do so, we must build the tools to build off each other, rather than always starting from zero.

to create a meaningful expereince is to shape our values, beliefs, and interactions. our experiences are strengthened when we interact with engaging environments. these environments happen when we create space for exploration and collaboration. to achieve goals, i build teams who use the tools of design to develop, define, and implement sound strategy.

contact pfred2@me.com